Questions about the product

  1. What are your mats are made of? - Mats of the series "Nature" are made of environmentally friendly natural rubber with a coating of non-slip microfiber. Mats "Balance" are made from 100% rubber with a cotton mesh in the middle (binds the two layers together). The composition does not contain PVC and other synthetic materials.

  2. What size should I choose? -The selection of the mat is individual and depends on your preferences. For "Nature" mats 178x61x0.3cm will be optimal if you just start your way into Yoga-yon long enough and thick to feel comfortable during the lesson. Professional mat has an elongated size and width of 4mm, but it is heavier than the rest (3.15 kg). The lightest has a width of 1 mm and a weight of 1.1 kg, it is convenient to take it with you on travels or unnoticed to wear in a backpack. The "Balance" mat is universal: it has a thickness of 4 mm, comfortable for everyone, but at the same time light enough (2.4 kg) to carry and take on trips.

  3. Is it possible to wash the mat and will it not damage the picture? - Yes, the mat can be washed (delicate mode in the typewriter or hand wash), but do not use, please, drying and bleaching agents!


  1. I have a coupon-how can I use it? - After you have chosen the mat, go to the shopping cart. Below to the right is the "use coupon" button. Enter the code and press OK.

  2. Can I apply a coupon after purchase? - We do not have the opportunity to apply a promotional code and a discount after the purchase.

  3. Why is my promo code not working? - If you received a message stating that your coupon code is invalid, it could be caused by any of the following reasons: • The promotional period has expired. • The offer does not apply to the product you want to purchase. • The coupon can not be combined with any other active special offer.

  4. I live not in other country, can I make a purchase? -Yes, we work all over the world. If the desired region is not listed, please write to our support team and we will help you.

  5. Do you have a guarantee? - Yes, the guarantee for any of our products is 2 months.

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