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Practice with a JOY :)
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Летняя коллекция
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Коврик Море
Коврик для йоги -лучший подарок)
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Love, peace and joy
Радуемся каждому моменту!
Полотенце для йоги
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Коврик МОРЕ
Красота на красоте

Our Brand is created by yogis for yogis

Hello! My name is Julia and I represent my approach to yoga practice

The idea of JOY Yoga appeared in 2004 in one of the Moscow yoga studios.

During practice, in one of the Down Facing Dogs turned my attention to the color of mats in the studio - they were all mostly gray or black.

And noted that it would be much more pleasant to look not at the gray-black, but on the cheerful bright pictures)

"Feel the connection with the earth," the teacher told us. And I imagined my feet, pleasantly drowning in the spring grass.

After 12 years, already being a yoga teacher and still a devoted student, I present YOU the brand JOY Yoga.

JOY Yoga is designed for those who, like me,

loves to enjoy every minute of this life :)

Our idea is to add joy and smiles to this World)


"Yoga is for joy and happiness!" -

so says the wisest Sharon Gennon.

I fully agree with the fact that everything we do should bring us pleasure.

Or why are we here?)

Our goal is to help yoga adepts to get even more pleasant emotions from there practice.

And the newcomers motivate as often as possible to get their yoga mats.

If you share our idea, join the JOY Yoga community!


Practice with a joy!)



  • Made of environmentally friendly 100% natural rubber

  • Does not contain PVC and other synthetic materials

  • Corresponds the European ROHS test

  • Is biodegradable and recyclable​

  • Comfortable grip with work surface and floor

  • Bright color gives joyful mood and additional motivation to practice :)

  • You can wash it - it will remain as beautiful

  • All our mats have guarantee 2 months