1. If you are an online retailer, please write to us to discuss terms and conditions.

  2. If you are the representative of the information site, then through our partner network you can send visitors to us and receive up to 20% commission from the made purchases. All you need to do is place one of our advertising banners on your site (we will provide several options to choose from). Payments are made monthly.

  3. If you are a yoga studio owner or a yoga teacher and would like to purchase mats for yourself or for your customers, write to us and we will tell you about special conditions.

  4. If you are actively practicing yoga and you are close to the philosophy of our brand, we will be happy to thank for the kindness to us :) All you need to do is place on your page in the social network. network tip about JOY Yoga, or a photo with one of our products. And, with the next purchase, you will be waiting for a nice bonus;) In order to receive it, send us a screenshot of the posted post to the post office.

For additional information, please write to us at, indicating in the title of your mail "Become a partner."

Practice with a JOY :)

Thank you for your interest to JOY Yoga!

We gladly cooperate with information sites, shops, yoga studios, teachers, as well as active yoga practices, and we are grateful to be ready to become a partner of our Brand. For our partners and friends, we have developed a loyalty program. Please choose something that will be interesting for you.